27 December 2010

Tips and Tricks - Recycled Wrapping

It's a bit daunting how much wrapping paper we end up with after Christmas Day. All those unwrapped presents, all that paper laying in a giant pile. I have always been aware about the amount of waste that is created over Christmas. When I was 7 years old, I asked my mum for a paper making kit for my birthday, just so I could recycle our Christmas wrapping paper (into handmade paper). I thought it was a great way to create something lovely out of paper that would otherwise just be chucked in the bin (even if it was the recycling bin).

So, this brings me to create a new series of posts, "Tips and Tricks".

I have been thinking of other ways that we can all recycle our Christmas wrapping this festive season. Here's a great list of tips to help us on our way:

  1. Create handmade Christmas cards by cutting out pictures or words from used wrapping paper. Alternatively, the cutouts can be used to cover school books or journals.
  2. Don't scrunch up the paper, save it for next year! Just cut off the edges that have/had sticky tape on them. If the paper has creases in it, lay it down so the non-decorative side is facing up, and iron the creases out (make sure your iron is on a low setting).
  3. If the paper is already scrunched up, use it in bags or shoes to keep the shape of those items.
  4. Use the paper to make origami flowers or other cute shapes.
  5. If you need to send items by post, wrapping paper can be used to protect items. Either wrap your goods in layers of paper, or scrunch up the paper, and stuff it in the postage bag to prevent your items from moving during shipping.
  6. Wrapping paper can be used to clean windows (just like newspaper). It leaves your windows streak-free.
If you are interested in recycling Christmas wrapping paper by making your own paper, there are numerous kits out there that produce really nice results. 

Nearly 17 years later, it is amazing to find that the exact product I bought is still for sale. It is a Paper Making Kit by a company called Flights of Fancy and retails for around AU$30.00 (approximately US$30) and is available for purchase online through various retailers.

The nice thing about making your own paper is that you are not limited to using just paper. I recall using flowers and leaves to make my paper more individual. Plus, recycled paper also makes a great gift!


  1. The paper making kit is very interesting!

    Thank you for the helpful post :-)

  2. I love home made paper - wonder if I can find some more time...???

  3. Thank you Pavinee and dkshopgirl! :) I actually think I may still have some of my homemade recycled paper laying in a box somewhere... Which is pretty good, seeing as I've moved house several times, and even state! I made the paper when I was around 8 years old. I don't have the paper making kit anymore, but a couple of weeks ago I think I saw it in a local shop. I might have to buy it!

    Erin x