05 January 2011

Customer Reviews

In November, Daisy Doe received its very first customer. What an exciting achievement this was!

Before I sold any items, my mum kept saying to me that I would end up with a room full of crocheted toys if I didn't manage to sell anything! I mean, she is right in some ways, I do have lots of my handmade crochet toys sitting right here on my desk with me, but understandably I am more enthusiastic about my new-found hobby than my mum (who is a natural neat-freak and doesn't like any form of 'clutter' around the house). So I was rather excited to show her that what I had made would sooner or later catch the eye of others.

A lovely lady by the name of Amanda contacted me to see whether I could crochet her an Australian animal. I gave her a list of animals I was able to make, and she ended up choosing the Tasmanian Devil. I hadn't made one before, but I was quite confident I could do it. I had one week to complete the item, which gave me plenty of time for trial and error.

I must say, I think the end result was rather adorable! What a cute little fella this Tasmanian Devil turned out to be. Here's a photo of him, ready to be picked up:

I wasn't able to tell anyone about this gift beforehand, as it was for someone who works at the German version of Etsy, Dawanda.

I think the little Devil's new owner is quite pleased with him. Just check out these awesome photos Amanda sent me:


  1. Looks like the little Devil has found a great home indeed! What a fun owner. My sister-in-law did the same for a tiny fluffy zebra on our honeymoon safari in South Africa. My kinda folk! Lisanne xxx

  2. Hi Lisanne, I was really lucky to have such a great buyer to deal with, especially seeing as this was my first item that had been purchased from my shop. What a great dealing! :) I absolutely love the photos this little guy's owner sent me - especially as Berlin is one of my favourite cities I've visited. Such a great treat!

    Erin x