19 December 2010

Sunday Inspiration - Modern Stationery

Today's inspiration is a beautiful collection of modern stationery that has a traditional element to it. From wooden pegs, to lattice/lace designed document holders - there is something rather charming about each one of these products. Fancy a calculator designed like an old keyboard, or rather ingeniously apple-shaped post-it notes? They're all here!

  1. French Bulldog Calendar (2011) by ModCloth
  2. Calculator by SCP
  3. Apple Post-It Notes by Design Museum Shop
  4. Wooden Pencil Holder by Lagom Design
  5. Wooden Pegs by Kikki.K
  6. Document Holder by The Container Store
  7. A5 Notebooks by Design Museum Shop
  8. Wooden Tape Dispenser by MoMA Store
  9. Squirrel Paper Clips by ModCloth
  10. Log Pencils by Old Faithful Shop
  11. Wooden Stapler by The Curiosity Shoppe


  1. Cool choices,
    Wishing you and your family all the best, Happy Holidays x

  2. Hi guys, thank you so much for following my blog! :)
    Torie Jayne, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!