14 December 2010

Australian Native Animals Series

This week, I have created a series of crocheted Australian Native Animals. One animal will go on sale each day this week, for 5 days. Seeing as I am from Australia, I thought it might add a nice touch to my shop to have Australian animals for sale, amongst my cute bunnies, dogs and bears, and it gives my customers the chance to purchase an Australian animal, made by an Australian.

The first animal which is part of this series is the Tasmanian Devil, which has a rather adorable appearance , but somewhat agressive nature.

The second animal in this series is the Koala. A couple of weeks ago, the very first koala toy in the Daisy Doe shop was sold in under a day. Hopefully this chubby cutie will finding a new home just as easily as "Bob the Koala" did!

The third animal is the adorable Kangaroo (and what's that in her pouch? A little joey!).

What will be the fourth and fifth animals in this series? Check back daily to see what animal will be next!


  1. I am visiting and following you thru google and facebook. These are so cute! Would make a great stocking stuffer!

  2. Hi Diane, thank you for following my blog! :) Two of these cute critters have already found new homes! The Koala is still for sale though, and I've been rather busy lately so haven't actually found time to complete the next two critters (naughty of me, I know!).