08 November 2010


Hi everyone, welcome to the Daisy Doe blog!

My name is Erin, and I own and run Daisy Doe, a little online shop which specialises in crocheted and sewn items. I first started crocheting only 1 month ago, but I am in love with my new-found hobby. How relaxing it is to be crocheting on these cold spring days - right now, it's currently storming, with lightning, thunder & hail!

First, a bit about my background. I am a very passionate digital designer, and have recently received a Diploma of Digital Media. I am a huge animal lover, and have a keen interest in anything and everything to do with dogs. I once worked as a dog groomer, but quickly found out that standing on my feet all day was not for me. So, I am about to pursue my dream job of working in a design and digital agency, specialising in web design and development.

In my free time, I have been making soft toys for a few years now, which I enjoy, and I have found crocheting to be very rewarding. I am self-taught, and after crocheting just one practice bunny, am now happily offering my items for sale on Etsy.

I hope you continue to enjoy Daisy Doe, and as always, I am very open to any suggestions, comments or questions you may have.

- Erin

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